Weltmeyster is a fine and specialized marketing and communications agency that connects two or more partners in innovative cooperations.

Our main habitat for the past 18 years was and still is tourism. In addition to that, we are successfully active in markets of diverse non-tourism players. Weltmeyster - as a core service - is connecting extraordinary tourism and non-tourism companies and people - together we share ingredients for innovative cooperations in cross marketing. This is one of Weltmeyster's main tasks: we build the precondition for clear and successful campaigns.

We work with 500 tourism companies and destinations, with 200 non-tourism companies out of all industries and segments, we work with 750 media contacts, with 100 personalitites and additional numerous valuable contacts. Contacts who allow creative and innovative campaigns. Partners who offer premium visualisations, contents and aesthetics.

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Weltmeyster has strong, imaginative and stable partnerships to different sets of powerful, innovative and great companies and brands - in tourism, non-tourism and beyond. Our wealth is our network and database of differentiating, activating and service-oriented people who make the difference for our clients. The tourism partners allow consumer activations that offer severe dream campaigns creating emotions and brand loyalty. Our non-tourism brands orchestrate options for tourism products to get in windows, magazines and into the hearts of consumers.

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Every day is a world of experiences and new ideas. Weltmeyster works to innovating the tourism world and connect matching partners for the good. A website cannot display everything that happens on a day, in a week, a month, a year - but a blog can, as well as social media can do. We get you updated on Weltmeyster projects, tourism innovations, arty videos and campaigns and everything else that we think could be of interest for you. Follow us - and don't miss a moment.


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Jens Rosenthal
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