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Every day is a world of experiences and new ideas. Weltmeyster works to innovating the tourism world and connect matching partners for the good. A website cannot display everything that happens on a day, in a week, a month, a year - but a blog can, as well as social media can do. We get you updated on Weltmeyster projects, tourism innovations, arty videos and campaigns and everything else that we think could be of interest for you. Follow us - and don't miss a moment.


Weltmeyster bei Transa AG, Zürich

Zwei Jahre nach unserem ersten Meeting in Zürich trafen wir vorgestern zum zweiten Mal das Marketing der Transa AG. Weltmeyster hat bis hier zwei Shootings für den Schweizer Outdoor-Riesen in Namibia und Kolumbien eingefädelt. Jetzt geht es um mehr! Neue Projektideen in der Tasche ging's verspätet in den Flieger nach Zürich, die 2 Stunden Meeting waren ein voller Erfolg. Resultate gibt’s dann bald auf zu bestaunen.


Ice is beautiful. This time-lapse video of ice crystals melting was photographed using cross-polarized light. The video shows the beauty of ice - and hides the message that we need to protect our climate in order to not harm our future generations. Enjoy.

Ice Crystal Timelapse from Shawn Knol on Vimeo.

Kuroshio is a dream, a world of wonders, for relaxation and happiness. It is built of two-foot thick glass panels, the tank holds round about two million gallons of water - hosting over 70 species of marine life: e.g. whale sharks, manta rays and more than 75 kinds of coral. The song behind the video is „Please don’t go“ by Barcelona. And - if you want a real meditation time, watch the long version...

Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world - (song is Please don't go by Barcelona) from Jon Rawlinson on Vimeo.


Long version: 

Photo Credit/Copyright: 2013 Iurato Studios, LLC.

Street artist Joe Iurato has been downsizing his normal wooden stencil art into miniature pieces, placed in less notable places in NYC. The series is inspired  by moments in Iurato's own life but the pieces have resonance for the public as well. In essence, it is a using a change of scale to provide a whimsical reflection on urban life.

An actual exhibition at Madison Square Park in NYC is held by Iván Navarro: This Land is Your Land - it is a series of three water towers inspired by the artist's experience of immigration.

Each water tower measures about seven feet in diameter and about eight feet tall, allowing the public to easily walk underneath and view the neon lighting and all the reflections in each tower. Each tower displays different words, appearing vertically and rising upwards as if endless.

 Navarro's childhood memory from the Pinochet regime in Chile led him to create and name his installation "This Land is Your Land".

 More information is here:

This is what Melbourne sets apart - stumbling across laneways that seem to be hidden are bursting with shops, cafes, bars and so many different people talking, eating, drinking, dancing, shopping. Any guidebook on the Australian city will tell you to explore its famous laneways.


The Central Business District of Melbourne is a tightly-packed grid: officially it is named the "Hoddle Grid", after its designer Robert Hoddle. Hoddle's plans and the subsequent expansion of the city included laneways - for horses and carts. Today, it is for your enjoyment.

Project Yosemite is a time-lapse video project set in Yosemite National Park, USA, and shot by Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill. They started in January 2012 after meeting through Vimeo. The idea for the project came to them during their first overnight trip to Half Dome.


After an inspiring first HD video the second film is ready and can be seen here:

Yosemite HD II from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.


More information here:

Weltmeyster developed the Beam Machine for public consumer activation - the Beam Machine allows interactive multi-channeling on large screens, consumers are invited to making use of the screens thru steering iPads. The product Apolosophy by Apotek just launched something similar thru ultra-sonic sensor advertising, these sensors are able to detect when a train or other transportation system is arriving. As a result model's hair is blown by the wind caused by an arriving train. Translated this means that we could integrate such sensors into your Beam Machine and cause the impression that everything that happens close to the Machine will be seen as real and interactive.

You might have asked yourself which are the most visited countries in the world - here is the answer to your question. France is the most popular tourism destination in the world welcoming 81,000,000 visitors every year - 20,000,000 more people than the secondly ranked USA (France is 15 times smaller). The reason= France is full of wine, cheese and culture (especially the Tour Eiffel).


If you get "eye cancer" from the image, here is the list of the top 10:


France 81,400,000

USA 62,700,000

China 57,600,000

Spain 56,700,000

Italy 46,100,000

Turkey 34,000,000

UK 29,300,000

Germany 28,400,000

Russian Federation 24,900,000

Malaysia 24,700,000

Mexico 23,400,000

Austria 23,000,000

Hong Kong SAR, China 22,300,000

Ukraine 21,400,000

Thailand 19,200,000

Saudi Arabia 17,5000,000

Greece 16,400,00

Canada 16,000,000

Poland 13,400,000

Marcao SAR, China 12,900,000

The collaborative site focuses on a specific project created by D.A.S.T arteam. Their work takes place on 100,000 square meters in the Eastern Sahara desert at the border to the Red Sea in Egypt. Focus is their production of displacements of 8,000 cubic meters of sand that is formed to creating positive and negative conical volumes.

More information:

Rick Mereki traveled the world for 44 days and travelling 38,000 miles across 11 countries just to filming a 1 minute video. Weltmeyster derived a new visualisation concept out of this and developed the "90 seconds" destination campaign. More information upon request.

Watch Rick travel:

The kick is... here. Watch this guy jumping into the fog and ask yourself: What is my next adventure? An unbelievable jump into nothing, you can feel the heart beet that makes a difference, like the jump that follows.

Then you will probably love OakOak! The street artist from Saint Étienne, France, plays with things he sees outside - and creates imaginative artwork that has nothing to do with rottening grafitti.

The "Bosco Verticale" is located in Milan, Italy. It is a forest between a pair of residential towers - surrounded by over 900 trees on 8,900 square meters of terraces. The architect Stefano Boeri designed it to making urban centers greener.

Murad Osmann enjoyed a special journey when travelling the world with his girl-friend who took him to special spots and places. He always took images from her back pointing to the POIs of tourism destinations. You never see her smile, but his image story makes you smile. Weltmeyster offers a copy of this concept and takes 100 images of your destination with the most secret POIs - and tells the story behind it. More information upon request.

Watch Murads girl-friend pointing out to:

When you have a look at this video, you get the impression that these ice circlesx are from outer space. But, we must tell you that they are the latesdt creation of artist Jim Denevan. Surreal beauty!

This happens when your camera falls out of an airplane. This example shows all footage taken by a GoPro, interesting - especially the heavy landing in a pigpen.

Alexey is artist and photographer, he lives in Russia. His main focus is street art and he takes for example cracks on the pavement for his lovely creations.

This guy loves to draw cartoons - and when he is bored he takes his pencil out and is having fun with himself. If you are on your next train ride make use of your creativity and invite your kids and neighbours to join.